Keiko Community Screening

Would you like to screen Keiko The Untold Story for people in your area? It’s easy to set up. You will need a public performance screening license, which allows you to hold non-commercial public service, educational, and fundraising screenings of our film. Filmmaker Theresa Demarest may also be available for a question and answer session. Keiko The Untold Story is available for public screenings for almost every occasion:

  • Community events
  • Non-profit fundraisers
  • Conference programs
  • Campus showings
  • House Parties
  • Local Theaters
  • Middle and High School classes (special rates offered)
  • Cildren’s library classes (special rates offered)

You may charge whatever you find reasonable for your audience and keep everything you make above the license fee.

1. Purchase one of the 3 community screening license based on expected size of your event: 50, 150, 300.
(If you need a larger license than 300, please contact Joshua Records.)

1a. For middle and high schools and children’s library classes, purchase a specially priced license.

2. Fill in the “Venue Information” tab on the bottom part of the screen, next to the Description tab.  We need this information to complete the license.

3. Add the Director Call-in option to your cart if you want Theresa to call-in for a QA session post viewing.

4. We will send you a PDF of the license and the DVD.

5. Have fun!