Study Guide Packet Giveaway

Keiko Study GuideWe know how hard teachers work, and we know that finding and creating special projects that hold their attention is key.  This packet was designed by a teacher for teachers.  And we give you the visuals to help.

We want to honor teachers with this giveaway, as well as simply get the content into the hands of our up and coming animal helpers.  Who knows what it will spark!

Our study guide is intended for middle and high school levels, and can be adapted to college level.


  • Fill out all the fields below, paying attention to what you enter as to why you/someone should win.  We don’t need a lot of detail, we aren’t trying to make work for you.  Just spark our interest!
  • Check the box that acknowledges we can contact you if you win.
  • Check the box that acknowledges that this is a self contained package to be used as a study guide, it is not a formal school curriculum.


Study Guide Packet Giveaway Entry Form

  • (i.e.: school secretary, 8th grade teacher, friend of teacher, etc.)
  • We will only use this information to contact you if you are the winner. If you have nominated a teacher, we will contact you to obtain their information.
  • If you prefer us to contact you via phone instead of email, enter it here. Again, we will ONLY use this if you are selected as the winner, or to obtain the teacher's contact information.


Please only enter once, we are a small group that will read each entry.  Thank you!