Before Theresa was a filmmaker, she was a musician. An amazing musician. Folk-Blues-Rock-Jazz, she wrote and performed her original music and adaptations with an world class band, In Good Company. Learn about Theresa’s music journey and how it led to Keiko.

Keiko's Dream TourThe title song “Keiko” is an original instrumental piece dedicated to Keiko that evokes the whale’s song through the extra-ordinary lead guitar theme written by Theresa Demarest. Theresa wanted to capture the voice of Keiko. This is where Renato Caranto comes in to the story. “I asked Renato to capture the voice of Keiko, and he did, perfectly. It all just came together.” Demarest also wrote an instrumental called “Keiko’s Dream” – “which is not something I usually do,” she says. “I’m a singer and songwriter. But with Keiko, there were no words. I told my sax man, Renato Caranto, that he had to become Keiko’s voice. No more jazz riffs at lightning speed. He had to be Keiko. And whenever he played with us, he would bring Keiko into the room so the audience could feel him there.”



Theresa Demarest (Piano and Guitar)
Tim Ellis (Guitar)
Jean-Pierre Garau (Piano and Keyboard)
Janice Scroggins (Piano)
Renato Caranto (Saxophone)
James Cumpston in memorium (Drums)
Reinhardt Melz (Drums)
Anthony Jones (Drums)
James Solberg (Bass)
Phil Baker (Bass)
Jamin Swenson (Bass)

*All songs written by Theresa Demarest except “Deep Blue Water” and “Ocean of Dreams”
** “Keiko” and “Keiko’s Dream” Norway were re- performed and arranged by Tim Ellis and Jean- Pierre Garau

P 2008, 2011 Joshua Records, LLC ©2008, 2011 Quilted Lyrics Muisc BMI.  Recorded and Mixed by Dean Baskerville & Bob Stark at Kung Fu Bakery Recording Studio.

Theresa wanted to capture the voice of Keiko. This is where Renato Caranto comes in to the story. “I asked Renato to capture the voice of Keiko, and he did, perfectly. It all just came together.”