Watch how Keiko, the orca star of the hit film Free Willy, became the first captive orca to be successfully returned to his ocean. From capture to stardom to rehabilitation, from seapen to daily outings with caretakers, experience how Keiko gained over 3000 lbs, mixed it up with wild orcas, and even exhibited physical signs of attempts to mate, all the while thriving in the waters of his birth.

Keiko The Untold Story of The Star of Free Willy HD 2013

Keiko The Untold Story of the Star of Free Willy Trailer 2014

And the original Film Festival SD Version film, which is no longer for sale…

“I think there is so much distortion about what happened to Keiko
that it’s important for people to understand exactly what really happened to him
and what really happened to him amounts to a great story.”

– Dr. Paul Spong, Orcalab