“Keiko’s Dream Tour” – This is where it all came togetherKeiko's Dream Tour


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The History:
In February 1999, Associate Director of the Free Willy- Keiko Foundation’sMark Berman flew to Oregon for a rock’n’roll show that shook the walls of two concert halls in Portland. Mark wasn’t playing the drums or electric guitars, however. He was the featured speaker on Keiko’s Dream Tour — a unique eco-rock road show developed by Joshua Records and its award-winning band, Theresa Demarest & Good Company.

Drawing on the squealing guitar riffs of band member Tim Ellis, Demarest produced a remarkably realistic rendition of whale vocalizations. With Good Company’s drums tapping out the clicks of an orca call and Demarest’s piano keys creating and crashing, it sounds as if Keiko were right on stage.

Demarest and Joshua Records agreed to release Good Company’s live concert CD, Keiko’s Dream, with proceeds from sales benefiting the Ocean Futures Society (formed from a merger between the Free Willy Keiko Foundation and The Jean-Michel Cousteau Institute). Joshua Records also launched the Keiko’s Dream Tour concerts.

Good Company’s program of jazz/blues/folk/fusion culminates with a performance of “Keiko’s Dream.” After a speaker from Joshua Records calls on the audience to become a “voice for the ocean,” Mark Berman offers a slide-lecture recounting Keiko’s escape from captivity (a task in which Earth Island Institute was instrumental) and brings folks up-to-date with recent slides of Keiko swimming free in his home waters off Iceland.

“After 20 years in Portland’s music scene, Theresa Demarest may be best-known to locals as a folk musician. Since the 1996 expansion of her band, Good Company, to include the current lineup, Demarest’s sound has broadened and become pleasantly diverse and worldly. Recorded live at the Portland Center for Performing Arts, “Keiko’s Dream” has the local singer-songwriter dipping her feet into a variety of musical pools to raise money for the Ocean Futures Society. The result: Demarest’s strongest effort yet.”   – Curtis Waterbury, A&E Editor, City Search: Music Section, 2001
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