Free Film Soundtrack Until July 13

Buy your ticket by Friday June 12 2013 at midnight (tomorrow) and I’ll send you the film soundtrack written and performed by me, Therese Demarest, and the rest of these fine musicians.


3d CD

The music was composed as I was inspired by Keiko’s plight during a difficult time while I was recovering from breast cancer, and I think the nine instrumental tracks capture the spirit and adventure of Keiko’s journey perfectly.


With themes of redemption, recovery, rehabilitation and freedom, these beautiful instrumental songs will bring the movie to you in an entirely new way and allow you to take Keiko with you everywhere.


Buy a ticket today to join us in Los Angeles

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Nowhere in recent history has a captive mammal garnered so much attention as Keiko, the orca star of the 1993 hit film, “Free Willy.” The film’s success, partnered with growing public interest in animals held in captivity, launched a children’s crusade that called for Keiko’s release into the wild. The result: a multimillion-dollar project that spanned four countries, weathered endless controversy and lasted nearly a decade. Through first-hand accounts by the marine mammal experts charged with his care, “Keiko The Untold Story” follows Keiko, his life, his legacy of hope, and the untold story of his extraordinary years in Iceland and Norway.