Blackfish Without Free Willy Keiko Misses the Point

All too often, Keiko’s release from captivity has been cited by the media and the marine park captive industry as a failed project, and given as the reason other captive orcas should not be released. BlackFish brought unprecidented attention to the plight of marine mammal captivity. The Award Winning Documentary Keiko The Untold Story of the Star of Free Willy shines an even brighter light on the steps toward a win win solution.


Misunderstandings about Keiko’s behavior in the wild and factual errors regarding his reintroduction effort have distorted the truth about what actually happened with this historic rehabilitation and reintroduction effort. And yet the successes that Keiko accomplished are paramount in the dicussions as to how best to engage with the problems associated with marine mammal captivity in today’s world.


  1. Visually and through first hand accounts by those directly in charge of Keiko’s care, Keiko The Untold Story of the Star of Free Willy documents how Keiko thrived in his post-captivity period for more than five years, mixed it up with wild orcas, and became the second longest lived male captive orca in history.


  1. It is our mission to educate the public and set the record straight regarding the only captive orca to be released back to the wild as told by those directly charge with his care.


  1. Utilizing the successes realized in Keiko’s release effort, it is our goal to encourage the public to assist in efforts to end marine mammal captivity and  performance-based entertainment for all killer whales, and to begin a rescue rehab and release program that would retire all captive killer whales to sea pens when  available and eventual release back to the wild whenever possible.


We invite you to watch this important film, discover the truth about what actually happened with the only captive orca to be released back to home waters in the North Atlantic.  It’s so important and all too easy.

Join Keiko’s Pod and get the story straight.


We hope that you will take the time to watch the film and perhaps gain a new perspective about Keiko’s life and legacy: (Closed Captioned)



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Nowhere in recent history has a captive mammal garnered so much attention as Keiko, the orca star of the 1993 hit film, “Free Willy.” The film’s success, partnered with growing public interest in animals held in captivity, launched a children’s crusade that called for Keiko’s release into the wild. The result: a multimillion-dollar project that spanned four countries, weathered endless controversy and lasted nearly a decade. Through first-hand accounts by the marine mammal experts charged with his care, “Keiko The Untold Story” follows Keiko, his life, his legacy of hope, and the untold story of his extraordinary years in Iceland and Norway.