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Free Willy Keiko – Ambassador for All Captives

1.  Currently there are forty six captive killer whales world wide. Some of them were captured from the ocean, others were born in captivity. 2.  With the goal of releasing these orcas from captivity, many divergent groups have formed , with each disparate group seeking the rescue, rehabilitation and release of an individual orca. For […]

Last Chance for Online Tickets

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to Movie Maven who did a great review!  –  We’re not yet sold out,  and we’re closing down the online ticket sales tonight at midnight, so can you share this with someone?   You’ll have to follow us at Facebook to see if there are tickets […]

It’s Time For a Serious Hard Look at Free Willy Keiko’s Story

It’s time for the press and public to take a new serious hard look at Keiko’s story. Following the release Blackfish, The New York Times addressed the issue of captivity of orcas in its article “Smart, Social and Erratic in Captivity” In discussing alternatives to captivity, it cited the use of sea pens. Yet, it […]

Blackfish Keiko Captive Orcas Rescue Rehab and Release

HUFFPOST ARTICLE: The Story of Keiko, the Star of Free Willy (07/25/2013 09:01 am ET Updated Sep 24, 2013) Theresa Demarest, Contributor, Filmmaker and Musician Gabriela Cowperthwaite, with her film Blackfish, has thrown down the gauntlet against SeaWorld and all the other marine themed entertainment facilities who exhibit orcas and dolphins for amusement and financial gain. […]

Sponsor a Beyond The Bell Youth For $30

Kids are inspired by the Free Willy orca star Keiko, and ever since we started this project we have received countless letters from kids and parents all over the world. We have invited one of those kids, now an adult, to join us on the Blue Carpet. Her name is Stephanie Shaw. She, like so […]

Free Film Soundtrack Until July 13

Buy your ticket by Friday June 12 2013 at midnight (tomorrow) and I’ll send you the film soundtrack written and performed by me, Therese Demarest, and the rest of these fine musicians.   The music was composed as I was inspired by Keiko’s plight during a difficult time while I was recovering from breast cancer, […]

Misconceptions Regarding Keiko’s Rehab

This is a response to Keiko Fans regarding some misconceptions about Keiko’s rehabilitation effort.  Commonly held understandings of what happened with Keiko after he left the Oregon Coast Aquarium are all too often based on false reports about what actually happened after this historic rehabilitation and reintroduction effort. These misconceptions are why we undertook to […]

Keiko Returns to Hollywood for the 20th Anniversary of Free Willy

On Saturday August 17th at the Lloyd E. Rigler TheaterLocated at the Egyptian Theater American Cinemathequein Hollywood California Schedule: 11am: Blue Carpet Ceremony 1pm: Screening of the Movie Free Willy, followed by Q&A with Expert Cast Members and Producers of Both Films 3pm: Screening of Keiko The Untold Story of the Star of Free Willy Updates […]

Free Willy Keiko Kickstarter Campaign Urgent message

We have until this Wednesday March 27th at 10am West Coast time to reach our funding goal. Because of all of you who have actually backed the project, right now we are nearly halfway there 🙂 Yay!! Kickstarter has an all or nothing rule, so every pledge is critical to the success of this Kickstarter […]

Bring Keiko, the orca Star of Free Willy to Hollywood! Pledge Now Kickstarter Campaign:)

Bring Keiko, the Star of Free Willy, to Hollywood! Here is the link: Be part of our 36 hour marathon to get 100 pledges to be featured on Kickstarters front pages. Our campaign officially ends on Wednesday morning. We are almost half way there. Make a pledge and help us make Keiko’s return to […]

Keiko Kickstarter Campaign reward boost

The next 50 people to pledge to our Kickstarter Campaign we will double the reward you choose 🙂 Just Send us a message after you pledge from our Kickstarter campaign: Here’s the Link to our Kickstarter campaign